Shipping Containers Create Stunning Joshua Tree Residence In a fantastic starburst formation.

A disregarded vision by James Whitaker for an office space in Germany — a collection of angled shipping containers — is now being realized in the form of a Joshua Tree abode. Photo-realistic renderings of the imagined home by the London-based designer depict a menagerie of shock white containers emerging from the rocky desert.

The project, that was commissioned by an LA film producer, is supposed to begin work next year. The film producer ended up hiring Whitaker to design this desert-get-away after he was shown images of the never built office space Whitaker had imagined years ago. The remote home will be positioned in a sloped gully to protect it from any extreme desert weather. Whitaker comments, “each container is orientated to maximize views across the landscape, or to use the topography to provide privacy, depending on their individual use.”

Covering around 2,153 square feet, the stylish desert home will include a living room, kitchen, dining space and three bedrooms. The photo representations show a minimalist interior with concrete flooring, white walls, and sparse but striking furniture. The structure will be raised from the ground on concrete supports. Be sure to check out the gallery above and enjoy Whitaker’s funky desert design.

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