The Best Street Style on Instagram This Week Has Eyes on Plaids and Stripes And a strong supply of beige and white essential fits.

The best street style on Instagram this week was a symphony of three standout trends: Tattersall plaids, beige and white and racing stripes. In the Spring/Summer season, we usually expect an onslaught of loose fits and breezier textiles, but IG streams have shown us more tailored cuts, groomed styling, linear patterns and structured materials. While other noticeable trends (such as pink) are also having a high stride right now, neutral shades and traditional menswear elements seem to be the bread and butter of streetwear this season.

Since the second week of street style trends, we’ve been seeing the British Plaid trend — such as Tattersall plaid and Haymarket check — gain traction in smaller occurrences, e.g. appearing on accessories such as dad caps and Nike Air Max sneakers. This week, however, the print asserts itself as the main protagonist of the outfit, coming by way of trousers and blazers and channeling classic gentleman style through fitted waists, clean hemlines and tucked-in shirts.

The second theme of this week — the beige and white combo— is not so much a new trend but more of an essential uniform that can take the place of your all-black outfit for summer. White and beige will keep things fresh and clean for the warmer temperatures and offer the ease and versatility of an all-black look. We’re seeing more linen and khaki (and the occasional camo-print for a more bold option), while functional gear has also been surfacing in more sepia-tones.

Contrasting the minimalist vein of the former two categories is the racing stripes trend. Antithetical to the neutral, subdued color palette of beige/gray/brown/white, this trend pivots on pronounced stripes of red, orange and other bold primary colors. We’ve moved on from the recent Kappa tracksuit influx but are still maintaining the signature bold stripe trend with a more streamlined look.

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